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How to Keep a Toddler Occupied All Day

25 Aug

I first saw this idea in a magazine for Martha Stewart kids crafts.  Since my soon-to-be 3 year-old has been obsessed with car washes lately I thought we could try some variation of it. I purchased the brushes and the plastic organizer basket thingy and then basically let him figure it out. I also emptied out the last few drops in a spray bottle of organic cleaning product and filled it up with water which he thought was fun. So he sprayed the cars and put them in there. He played with it for quite a while. I know the Martha version is way more creative but I’ve got this 2 month old attached to me pretty much non-stop so couldn’t exactly get out all the crafting gear. .  .

inside carwashbrushescarwash we made

After all this, we made Bakerella’s recipe for Cowgirl cookies.  Only we didn’t have the pink m&m’s.  Not to worry though!  We used what we had and they still turned out amazing.  The best cookie recipe I have ever come across.  Can’t wait to make the real deal for gifts.

baking panEven Chloe enjoyed watching all the cookie-making action. chloe