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Global Warming Debate in our Local Newspaper!

26 Jun

In case some of you are wondering what I do all day besides chase a 22-month old and garden, I do try to do a little local activism.  Check out my posts on our local newspaper’s website!


Why We Grow

8 May

It seems like just about the right time for Josh and I to begin our activism. The more I overhear people discussing the high price of gas the more I want to jump into the conversation and ask if they understand all the reasons why gas is so high and what they plan to do about it. So many people are really clueless when it comes to peak oil, but now that James Schlesinger (who has an impressive resume- head of the CIA, Defense Secretary, Energy Secretary and has also advised several oil companies) has admitted that the “peakists” are not paranoid freaks and actually are right about peak oil, more people are understanding that the issue at hand is catastrophic.

Our cities were designed to thrive off of bountiful cheap oil. Once that cheap oil is no longer available, life as we know it will grind to a halt, or at least become much more difficult.

Think about where your food comes from. Does it get shipped on a truck from California? Does it get flown in on an airplane from Peru? Chances are the price of transported food will increase as much if not more along the same ratio as the increase in the price of fuel. All the more reason to buy your food local! And if you can, start a garden. There are several websites that can help you find local farmers. Josh and I purchased some chicken from a young fellow in our community and it was some of the best chicken we have ever had! Super plump and fresh with no antibiotics and the chickens had a nice free-range life. Email me if you would like to find out how to get your food local.

In order to help our community, Josh and I just might have to order this book, The Transition Handbook, in order to help us make our case to our community. I am sure at first we will get a lot of blank stares, but in five years those people will look back and think, “Those freaks were right!” Hopefully it will not be too late for them.