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12 Apr

Andrew got to attend 2 egg hunts- one at Burns Manor and one at Gpa and Gma’s.  Now we have more junkfood than we know what to do with . . .










Mother’s Day Presents

13 May

I received a lot of love on Mother’s Day. I got to SLEEP IN and then eat Josh’s family famous French toast. After that Andrew was ready to put on his sombrero and head outside to help garden.

Josh was able to get the fence up around the garden so that I could get the lettuce in, the best present of all! Now let’s hope the bunnies don’t burrow under it.

Andrew got a present too- a new sandbox!

It looks like Andrew might have some of his favorite fruit this year too- blueberries!

We took a break for a while to head over to Grandma’s and wish her a happy mother’s day. They were busy with their garden too. Even Uncle Brian pitched in and did some manual labor for once!

After chicken on the grill and wheat berry salad it was back over to our house so Josh could finish up his projects. Brian and I hopped on our bikes and peddled downtown with Andrew in the trailer to pick up my favorite present of all- a greenhouse! Now all of the plants are officially outside (except our 3-year old habanero).

We have the lettuce in, as well as peas, spinach, carrots, onions, tomatoes (covered in jugs at this point) and potatoes. We have a variety of seedlings in the mini greenhouse now waiting to go in as well. I am also going to get some baby boo pumpkin seeds to go with out blue moon pumpkin seeds and try ornamental corn as well. Cross your fingers everybody!