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Andrew rides a roller coaster

20 Aug

Andrew’s been all about rides lately and has been on some bigger ones that I was surprised about.  Unfortunately he wasn’t quite ready for this mini roller coaster.  He grabbed on and made all kinds of strange noises.  I felt terrible for him!  Made up for it with a giant ball of sugar though . . .roller coaster 70stoo fast 70sme and andrew 70scotton candy 70s


Art Time

13 Aug

Let me introduce you to my kid.  He loves art time and he is inspired by Jackson Pollock of course as most kids are.  I wonder what that says about Pollock.

jackson pollock

However, he can concentrate on line every once in a while.


Looks like the deck needs a little touching up too.

paint a little deck too


He’s trying so hard to make it perfect . .

so careful

Yes it was starting to look like he was really improving on this old abstract of mine I gave him to touch up.  But then it started to get a little crazy.  I put the camera away too early to show you that he ended up regressing back into primitive art- i.e. hand expressionism.  I was too tired to stop him- had to take a benedryl thanks to the ragweed count today . . . Besides, I don’t want to stifle his creativity.  I’ll post a shot of the finished product soon!

Rain Day

7 Aug

After our nice day at the lake yesterday we woke to thunderstorms this morning.  Instead of writing the day off as one of those cooped-up kids crazy days, I began coming up with ways to occupy my two year old that somehow included my 2 1/2 month old.  I decided to do the “stained glass” crayon shavings project.  You just put some crayon shavings between 2 sheets of waxed paper and melt the crayon.  Some people use an iron (on top of a towel) but my oven was still warm from baking something so I just put it on a pan, put a casserole dish on top to flaten and let it sit in the oven for 5 minutes.

crayola copycrayon art copyheart art copy

Chloe really enjoyed looking up at the colors under the light.  Later we will tape them to the window where they will look better in the sun.

chloe copy Andrew, upon seeing that she likes things that light up, brought his gloworm doll over to her.  So cute to see him finally acting like a big brother.gloworm copy

Soon the weather cleared and I let Andrew go outside to stomp in a puddle.  May as well let boys be boys.

splash copysplashing copy

drinking puddle copy

More Peas Please

3 Aug

Andrew decided he needed some more “snap sugar peas”.  So he planted some!

more peasexcitedpeas


12 Apr

Andrew got to attend 2 egg hunts- one at Burns Manor and one at Gpa and Gma’s.  Now we have more junkfood than we know what to do with . . .









Pre-Halloween Excitement

31 Oct

Andrew and Daddy carved a pumpkin last night.  Unfortunately I was on the couch, hiding from the smell under a blanket.  My “morning sickness” is more like “night sickness” lately.  Pretty much all food smells or cooking smells turn my stomach.  I don’t think I will have a problem with candy tonight . . . I should be just fine with that smell.  🙂

Andrew wanted to be Batman for Halloween.  Unfortunately it was more economical for us to buy a store-bought costume than to make it from scratch.

County Fair Recap

15 Aug

We did a pretty good job ribbon-swooping considering it has been a mild summer and the crops didn’t really produce fast enough.  We got a blue ribbon on our cherry tomatoes, a chrocheted hat, some banana candy, snacks, cloverleaf rolls, etc. and a few red ribbons and some whites.  But the big winner was the Double-Wheat Brownies with maple frosting which we won a Champion Reserve purple ribbon on!

Andrew was sort of scared of the animals when they got loud but otherwise enjoyed them.

We are already working on entries for next year- cannin sauces, etc since we couldn’t get them in this year (not enough tomatoes ripe yet!)