It’s County Fair Week!

18 Aug


For me, the start of the county fair kicks off my favorite season.  It’s that time between the fair and Halloween, when all my favorite things happen- the county and state fairs, going back to school (yes, I enjoyed it when I was in it and I still enjoy teaching it), Andrew’s birthday, my birthday and then my favorite holiday which is of course Halloween!  Two months of fun and perfect weather.

I’m starting a tradition with my children by entering items into the fair- craft, baking, horticulture, etc.  Last year we did pretty good for my first time entering as a non 4-H person.  We entered a little over 20 items and got mostly blue ribbons and even one champion reserve for some wheat brownies.  This year we entered everything from pumpkins to fortune cookies but not a lot of produce since the weather has been strange.  I was so busy getting it all together and then transporting it down to the fairgrounds I forgot to snap pics and will have to do it there tomorrow, through the glass- blah.  We won’t find out how we placed until tomorrow after 3:00.  I hate waiting.  It’s like waiting for Santa to bring toys.

When I was young I was in 4-H but because I didn’t live on a farm I never got to SPEND THE NIGHT at the fair in a camper while showing my animals.  I was so jealous of my cousins and friends that got to do this. I was Amazed that my 13 year-old friend was staying in a camper by himself so he could keep an eye on his pigs or whatever.  Even more amazed that the thing had a fridge stocked with beer but that’s another story and I’m sure times have changed and things are different now.  At least I hope times have changed.

Even though I didn’t get to stay in a camper by myself the fair still meant freedom.  I usually got 20 bucks and that lasted me the whole week.  Rides, junkfood, coke mirror prizes so I could proudly display all my favorite hairband crushes all over my bedroom walls. . . doing whatever I wanted in public because my parents weren’t there.

Unfortunately I am so old and bitchy now that when I see a 14 year-old at the fair smoking or using profanity loud enough for my kids to hear I scowl and wonder why “those kids” need to act that way!  They are ruining my family outing dammit!  Then I look a little closer and I see it’s me.  Metallica mirror in tow, thick black mascara, Marlboro fumes exhausting, jeans too tight, shirt too cropped, all  while I try to act as cool as I can by using the F-word as many times as possible in one sentence.   So I try to press on without getting too upset. . . We were all 14 and stupid once. . .

It’s a whole other ordeal taking your kids there.  20 bucks sure as hell doesn’t last the whole week.  More like 2 hours.  A ride back then was about 50 cents and now it’s 3.00.  All the junk seems to be between $3-5.00 (maybe that’s a good thing).  Back then it was cotton candy and snow cones for me.  Now it’s cheese curds and diet coke.  Okay and maybe still cotton candy but it’s hard forking over 4 bucks for sugar and air.  My brother “won” or “got swindled” for a Bart plush last year to give to Andrew.  I think it was $20.00 maybe $40.00 . . . jeeze I hope it wasn’t $40.00.  I remember it was a lot.

more ice cream Andrew got this treat for $1.50 today at the 4-H restaurant.  I would say that’s an okay price, but the fancier cone he’ll get tomorrow from the local dairy dude (booth wasn’t up yet today) will be $3.00.  So after Andrew gets his cone tomorrow we will probably head on over to the show barn and watch the kids wrangle their cattle so I can reminisce.  Who knows what Andrew will be thinking but I will be thinking about being thirteen again.  show arena


One Response to “It’s County Fair Week!”

  1. JLeuze August 18, 2009 at 11:22 pm #

    “Shiver”, the only reason I’d subject myself to being thirteen again would be to register a few hundred million dollars worth of dotcoms…

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