Too Much Fun

5 Aug

This new camera is too much fun.  Here is a pic I took last night:

poppies at dusk

The county fair is only two weeks away and I have a lot of planning to do.  I want to enter some photography but it has to be framed and printed nice of course.  I would have to decide on just one piece and I don’t really know what the judges would like.  It is a small town so maybe stick to the more traditional stuff. On the other hand maybe they are sick of the traditional stuff.  I would like to enter this photo but I am just not sure what they would think of it.


One Response to “Too Much Fun”

  1. Luc Heins May 12, 2010 at 11:31 pm #


    Im sorry for my bad englisch.. Im from holland and i realy like your photo from those Poppies at dusk.
    Im just a person who realy want that photo on a big 80×120 aluminium plate printed in his room.
    I wil not take any credit for it .. i even wat to pay you for it .. but i do not have much..becaus i’v just got a smal hous in Arnhem Netherlands.
    Please!!! can you send me a full quality photo so i can print it very big???

    In every way thank you for reading this mail.

    Greatings from Luc Heins

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