1 Aug

The tree across the street looks like it is starting to sport it’s fall colors.  Or it might just be dying . . . either way it’s a crisp 61 degrees here right now.  There are benefits to this type of weather- the baby is sleeping snug in her blanket and swing- comfortable for once.  Andrew and I could bake muffins without heating the house up to 100 degrees.

muffinIt’s nice and cool and so during my walk around the garden this morning I didn’t expect to see any tomatoes ripened yet.  I also didn’t expect to see my favorite giant delphinium spike snapped in two either.  But had it not been for the cool weather I wouldn’t have the delphiniums to begin with.  Delphiniums love cool summers and so mine have just kept producing.  I brought the spike indoors to enjoy but it’s pretty hard to arrange.  I won’t show you my embarrassing attempt at floral arrangement aka my attempt to display the spike  (the people that do that professionally deserve every penny for the magic they produce) but I can show you what I did with some of the blossoms.jardelphiniums up top

Somebody at a gardening forum I belong to sent me an article about pumpkins that don’t turn orange if it’s too cold or rainy.  We haven’t had a lot of rain but it has been cool most the summer.  I was starting to wonder if our pumpkins would stay green.  But the biggest one is starting to turn orange.  You can see it here. I’m glad it’s the simple things in life that keep me happy- warm muffins, orange pumpkins, delphiniums.


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