Andrew’s New Friend

31 Jul

Josh had a meeting for WordCamp Minneapolis last night so he dropped us off at the megamall last night.  I can’t say I’m thrilled that Andrew LOVES the megamall but at least I understand why with LegoLand and Nickelodian Universe, junkfood galore , etc.

We were reminded why we choose to live in Hutchinson after battling 494 both before and after the mall but the kids were good sports about it.  As one of Josh’s co-campers tweeted, 494 was a “parking lot” last night at 9:30.  We pretty much crawled at 4 mph for a half an hour before an exit came up and we were able to get up on the crosstown.  Argghhh had the kids been any more exhausted both Josh and I may not be here today to tell you about it lest we end up in loony bins from the  screaming 2-month old and 2-year old.

I was so lucky to have Erin show up with Maya!  Maya was born 1 week after Andrew but the two hadn’t met yet.  Andrew (beings as he isn’t in daycare and has almost 0 exposure to other kids his age) isn’t always the best playpal but Maya grabbed his hand and off they went the rest of the night- two peas in a pod!

palserin and mayatruck ride


maya legocarousel Icarousel


blues cluesweeespongebob


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