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2 Sep

My mother and I got to take Andrew to my childhood getaway this weekend.  When I was a kid, we went to Lake Okoboji in Iowa every Labor Day Weekend for the Harms family reunion, which is my paternal grandmother’s family.  The only bad thing is that Andrew had so much fun that he has been depressed ever since we got home. . .

One of the best things about going to Okoboji is all the yum-yums!

Andrew got to meet his cousin Keyson finally who happens to be just 6 months older than him.

The resort had lots of fun stuff to do including a game room and Andrew got to play ski-ball!

Food, food and more food . . .

The Harms family stays at Trigg’s Bay Resort now but they used to stay at Crescent Beach before they bulldozed all the cabins and turned it into condos.  But out of nastalgia I just had to take Andrew over the what I used to call the “Island Park” to see the coolest slide in the world.  It was pretty fun to watch him take off running once we crossed the bridge over the moat and into the park.

The 2nd morning we were there Andrew was in a hurry to go out to the beach.  He came out of the room and around the corner on the deck and stopped in his tracks, stunned.  There on the beach was his favorite topic to read about, a tractor with a scoop.

The final day we went to the Emporium and made a stop at the Sugar Shack for treats.  I don’t think the place has changed in at least 25 years, since I have been old enough to remember, unless my mind is playing tricks on me.  But the best treat was the free treat we picked up on the ground outside for our squirrels this winter- acorns!  Andrew and I filled a small bag full of the little nuts.

Andrew hopes he can meet his cousins here again next year!