County Fair Recap

15 Aug

We did a pretty good job ribbon-swooping considering it has been a mild summer and the crops didn’t really produce fast enough.  We got a blue ribbon on our cherry tomatoes, a chrocheted hat, some banana candy, snacks, cloverleaf rolls, etc. and a few red ribbons and some whites.  But the big winner was the Double-Wheat Brownies with maple frosting which we won a Champion Reserve purple ribbon on!

Andrew was sort of scared of the animals when they got loud but otherwise enjoyed them.

We are already working on entries for next year- cannin sauces, etc since we couldn’t get them in this year (not enough tomatoes ripe yet!)


One Response to “County Fair Recap”

  1. JLeuze August 16, 2008 at 5:27 am #

    Don’t forget that he learned that cows are a LOT bigger in real life than in his storybooks…

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