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Indian Corn

28 Aug

Perhaps the most anticipated item from my garden this year (for me) was miniature Indian corn.  We didn’t really have the room to go hog wild but at least I got something . . .


The Last Day of Summer Vacation

20 Aug

In-Service days start tomorrow at Ridgewater College.  I will be starting my new career as an instructor but will have to say goodbye to summer laziness in the process.  A sign of Autumn showed up in the garden, reminding me that Fall is my favorite time of year, and always has been since for some reason I’m always really excited about the first day of school.

So we will say goodbye to the summer flowers and start concentrating on pumpkins, Indian corn and canning.  Looks like we have plenty of sweet stuff to get us through the Winter.

I love canning.  We haven’t quite had enough tomatoes to really do a lot of sauce but hopefully that will change if I forgo picking for a week.  It’s been hard not to go out every day and pick a few pounds here and there to bring inside.

It really is a good thing Andrew isn’t ready to go to school.  I’m afraid he might scare the other kids away with his fashion sense.

This is how he wanted to go out last night . . .

County Fair Recap

15 Aug

We did a pretty good job ribbon-swooping considering it has been a mild summer and the crops didn’t really produce fast enough.  We got a blue ribbon on our cherry tomatoes, a chrocheted hat, some banana candy, snacks, cloverleaf rolls, etc. and a few red ribbons and some whites.  But the big winner was the Double-Wheat Brownies with maple frosting which we won a Champion Reserve purple ribbon on!

Andrew was sort of scared of the animals when they got loud but otherwise enjoyed them.

We are already working on entries for next year- cannin sauces, etc since we couldn’t get them in this year (not enough tomatoes ripe yet!)