Gazanias, Mountain Dew Jelly and More!

17 Jul

Some of the gazanias we have seem to start out red and then fade to pink.

The mystery plants that turned out to be forget-me-nots start out a sapphire blue and then fade to baby blue.

Now that we have some heat we are starting to see some baby squash-

and blossoms on the sugar baby watermelon plants.

Good thing I have my little helper around for all this work.

But one thing this little helper isn’t allowed to help with is canning.  Yesterday I made Mountain Dew jelly.  This concoction  is for adults only!  Too much sugar!

I’m not sure what the fair judges will think of this entry but oh well . . .


One Response to “Gazanias, Mountain Dew Jelly and More!”

  1. JLeuze July 18, 2008 at 3:31 am #

    After the first jar, the judges will be so buzzed that you’ll have it in the bag…

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