Staring Me in the Face

8 Jul

I walked out to the garden this morning to realize I had sugar snap peas galore.  When did they grow, overnight??  I hadn’t noticed them before.

We have too much lettuce. . . I need to harvest and will have to give lots away.  I wish we had more of these blueberries though  . . .

Somehow I don’t think 3 blueberries will satiate Andrew.  He has had some strawberries here and there out of the garden but not really enough for a serving yet.

I got so impatient about the potatoes I just had to pull one up to see if it was doing anything and Surprise!  they are producing!

I have been getting some more perennial seeds ready for starting- next year our yard is going to be a rainbow of things I hope.  Here’s what popped open this morning-

My mystery plants turned out to be Chinese Forget-Me-Nots.  Yeah, I forgot the forget me nots . . . They are like little sapphires. . .just gorgeous.

In the next 30 days I have 30 fair entries to get ready for.  Andrew and I are on a ribbon winning mission!!


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