Welcome This is our Farm House . . .

26 Jun

Okay well it’s not a farm really or a Phish song,  but I like to sing while I’m pulling the weeds.  The above picture isn’t a weed, or rhubarb either like you might think- it’s an edible green, it’s rainbow swiss chard!

Andrew says come on in!!

above: baby blue eyes started from seed and the rest of the gnome garden behind

above: broccoli!  Pretty soon we will be able to see crazy fractals- found all over in nature but especially in broccoli.

above: red cabbage- a little behind, but so, so pretty!

above: chocolate mint and red dahlias

above: jacob’s ladder

above: romaine ready to eat

above: sweet peas started from seed and delphinium in the background.

All the hard work is totally starting to pay off.


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