Andrew Update

16 Jun

We went searching for the Hutchison Water Carnival medallion last week so we got to visit a lot of parks. Daddy even took Andrew to a few at nighttime so he got a double-dose of parks some days!

We came across something in the park that was very confusing to Andrew. He just could not make sense of it and was very timid to go near it . . .

It was a statue in the park honoring foreign exchange students. I tried to set Andrew up there between them but he shook his head and said, “no?” in the way that he does (as if he were asking a question). I guess in a way he is asking a question since he doesn’t have any control over where we put him if we really wanted to.

But none of the other parks were scary- especially if his friend Elmo comes along . . .

As a parent, I think most will always say (in the beginning anyway), “I am not going to feed my kid any crap”. We did and then we decided ice cream wasn’t so bad. Andrew loves it. A lot.

Especially chocolate. I think here he is sating, “Did I get any in my hair Mommy?”


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