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Summertime, and the Livin’s EZ

26 Jun

Today I ate my weight in strawberries fresh from the Farmer’s Market.

Yesterday I got to go to the pool

Today I got a bubble gun

Even though I am having all this fun in the Summer, I still get confused about what to wear in the morning.  This morning I demanded to wear my winter coat!!!  I had in on about 3 seconds once we got outside . . .


Welcome This is our Farm House . . .

26 Jun

Okay well it’s not a farm really or a Phish song,  but I like to sing while I’m pulling the weeds.  The above picture isn’t a weed, or rhubarb either like you might think- it’s an edible green, it’s rainbow swiss chard!

Andrew says come on in!!

above: baby blue eyes started from seed and the rest of the gnome garden behind

above: broccoli!  Pretty soon we will be able to see crazy fractals- found all over in nature but especially in broccoli.

above: red cabbage- a little behind, but so, so pretty!

above: chocolate mint and red dahlias

above: jacob’s ladder

above: romaine ready to eat

above: sweet peas started from seed and delphinium in the background.

All the hard work is totally starting to pay off.

Global Warming Debate in our Local Newspaper!

26 Jun

In case some of you are wondering what I do all day besides chase a 22-month old and garden, I do try to do a little local activism.  Check out my posts on our local newspaper’s website!

Garden Update

16 Jun

Things are looking pretty good.  It has not been a good year for tomatoes, but that’s okay for us- we eat more lettuce than tomatoes anyway and with the cooler weather we will have lettuce longer.  Despite the cooler weather, my tomatoes actually look pretty good compared to others around town.  I planted when everyone else said I was foolish but they all survived and now my plants are further along.

above: tomatoes and petunias

below: chocolate mint

below: my first flower from seed- Baby Blue Eyes

below: bell pepper “California Wonder”

below: delphinium- My favorite!

below: jalapenos

below: lettuces (buttercrunch, spinach, romaine)

below: onions (fresh onions out of the garden taste 100 times better than they do from the store!)

below: peas, carrots, onions and broccoli

below: cherry bomb pepper plant

below: strawberries!!

Andrew Update

16 Jun

We went searching for the Hutchison Water Carnival medallion last week so we got to visit a lot of parks. Daddy even took Andrew to a few at nighttime so he got a double-dose of parks some days!

We came across something in the park that was very confusing to Andrew. He just could not make sense of it and was very timid to go near it . . .

It was a statue in the park honoring foreign exchange students. I tried to set Andrew up there between them but he shook his head and said, “no?” in the way that he does (as if he were asking a question). I guess in a way he is asking a question since he doesn’t have any control over where we put him if we really wanted to.

But none of the other parks were scary- especially if his friend Elmo comes along . . .

As a parent, I think most will always say (in the beginning anyway), “I am not going to feed my kid any crap”. We did and then we decided ice cream wasn’t so bad. Andrew loves it. A lot.

Especially chocolate. I think here he is sating, “Did I get any in my hair Mommy?”

Going to see Barack Obama and other Fun Stuff

4 Jun

Andrew sure has had a fun week so far. Last night we drove to St. Paul to see and hear Barack Obama speak.

I guess we could have brought a better camera but the RSVP said no professional cameras or bags so we just brought the little camera . . .

So we did this Tuesday night. On Monday, Andrew got a package in the mail- his first box of books from his new book club. Boy was he excited.

Then, the day before that he got to go swimming in the neighbor’s pool!

And the day before that Uncle Brian came over and we roasted marshmallows!

So today probably seems pretty boring . . .