Fun Stuff Poppin’ Up in the Garden

30 May

I figured out a way to pay off the mortgage-

My mom told me that a guy in the 1930’s developed this tomato and sold so many he was able to pay off his mortgage.

I had to pick up some fun stuff from Runnings today as well.  Here is the balloon flower closed:

And here it is open!

Next year I don’t think I will mess around with any pansies, snapdragons, etc.  instead we will do wave petunias for annual color:

Wow, the grape hyacinth I planted last Fall are actually starting to do something!

The potato plants are looking quite marvelous for being started so early (end of March??)

And the peas are really taking off after the rain yesterday:

I’m not sure if many non-growers are aware that chives flower:

The spinach is almost ready to eat:

And Last but not least, a fun-flowering moss!

I would have posted some pictures of Andrew today but I forgot my camera when we went out to the Ziegler’s farm to gather eggs!  Right now he is all tuckered-out and napping from too much fun.


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