Perks and Disappointment

22 May

A quick walk through the garden and it doesn’t take long to see that squirrels like strawberries and birds like blueberries.  All my berries were gone this morning.  Both are of Andrew’s favorites and expensive in the store.  I was hoping we could grow our own but it isn’t looking prosperous.  However, there were lots of new things in the garden this morning such as pea sprouts, corn sprouts and magical flowers!

Here are the pea beginnings:

Here are the potatoes I planted way back around the end of March:

I need to know how to thin these . . . as I have quite a few sprouts on the same mound.  We also have broccoli coming up nicely:

blue Indian corn:


Josh is really attached to our habanero we have had for three years. . . but I am really looking forward to these cherry bombs!

We also have a lilac bush going crazy out by the compost center.  I cut a bit and laid it across my artemesia I rescued from the trash at work:

My lantana is almost too bright and colorful to photograph in the full sun:

The mums are fun too:

I used to hate the smell and taste of tomatoes.  Now that I am older I have learned how universal they can be.  We are looking forward to homemade savory sauces and just the smell of these now are driving me crazy with hunger cravings for pizza.


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