Eating What We Have- Self Challenge

16 May

Well it appears our economic stimulus check isn’t going to go as far as we planned.  With all the garden gear and dude stuff we have purchased it seems that we are almost breaking even- a big disappointment to Josh who feels like he is working harder and harder with no catch-up ever in sight.  Therefore, in the spirit of Barbara Kingsolver, author of one of the best books I have read in a long time- Animal, Vegetable, Miracle– I am going to attempt to eat only the food we already have in the house.  This should save us some money in the next few weeks.  Not a lot, but some.  I will probably need to make an exception for licorice since there is none in the house and I am addicted, but other than that it looks like I will be eating burgers, pancakes and the like.  We have plenty of stuff here that is for sure.  It seems like during the winter whenever I shopped for groceries I was doing more like stockpiling rather than replenish depleted perishables . . . I am not worried about gaining weight- Andrew and I walk every morning and ride the bike every afternoon so I shouldn’t see any affect of carb overload.  It would be nice if the spinach hurried up and took off, then I would have more salad-type stuff.  This also means that Josh will have to do his own grocery shopping for a change so he can get his lunch meat and stuff which I never eat anyway.  Of course I will still get Andrew’s food since he is growing and needs particular food.  This will only apply to me.  We will see how it goes. . .


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