7 May

Andrew and I found a sweet deal at the Dollar Store today. . . Hanging basket and peat insert only 2 dollars. Then we swung by Runnings and got some more Lobelia which is one of my favorites. If you click on that hyperlink there you will see that Lobelia is also known as “Pukeweed” and “Vomitwort”. Interesting stuff . . .

We also made a little rock garden and filled it with Lobelia.

I also treated myself to a little early Mother’s Day present and got a hot pink azalea.

The gnome garden is full of annuals since none of the bulbs I planted came up. Squirrels??

I really like the look of zinias in early spring before they get too hot and all burnt looking . . .

As far as foodstuffs go, it looks like Andrew might have some strawberries to munch on soon.

There is also a sprout on the potato pile but I forgot to snap a shot of it. We have plenty of onions though!

There is also one broccoli plant in the ground too. We will see if it makes it . . . I just got off the phone with Hansen Gravel who is delivering the dirt and they are bringing it right over so Josh can finally finish the fence around the raised beds and we can get the lettuce in! I have three spinach plants that are doing well and several lettuce seedlings that I hope will take off as soon as I transplant them. I finally decided to take the tomato plants outside and put them in the wagon. Then I can roll them into the garage at night. Hopefully they will be warm enough overnight. They were just getting too big for inside. Now the only things we have inside are peppers and basil.


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