Andrew’s Big Day in the Big City

6 May

Andrew got to spend the day in Minneapolis and Eden Prairie today. But before his big lunch date he needed a haircut!

The waiting part was fun, but then he got into the chair . . .

Luckily they had Elmo on the TV so he started to relax.

We asked her to leave some of the length . . .

But it doesn’t appear that happened.

Next it was off to Redstone for a fancy lunch with the ladies.

Ashley, Amber and Erin were there

as well as Beth!

Next it was time to take the Crosstown over to Linden Hills area. We hit the streets in search of kid stuff

and found Wild Rumpus book store where some animals live.

Andrew thought the roaming cats were pretty cool. . . as well as the lizard, ferret and birds.

Pretty soon he was making himself right at home and running all over the place.

We found the best toy stores

and could have blown some serious loot

but we saved our money for ice cream.

Andrew met some new friends, and for a change he was the oldest.

Andrew played around for a bit and then we were able to meet up with a friend from college, Mark.


One Response to “Andrew’s Big Day in the Big City”

  1. Brian May 6, 2008 at 6:38 am #

    Ahhhh, but I hate haircuts mom!

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