Hello world!

29 Apr

I was convinced by the husband, who was ever so quick to point out the faults of trendy and addictive social networking sites to just start a blog. I suppose it makes sense to have something up that everyone can see- no membership required!

Mostly I will be talking about gardening and my son, 19-month old Andrew Diego, but I might add some recipes and book reviews for fun. I will probably stay away from being political even though I am fairly passionate about politics just so that I don’t have to read the nasty comments people would want to post in response to my political rant. Keepin’ it positive- yeah!

We live in Minnesota and try to live a self-sustaining life as much as we can in Minnesota. I used to work in the professional world and decided it wasn’t for me. Now I stay home and work part-time doing something relaxing. We are poor but live very rich lives!

I love Bathtime Mommy!


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