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Gardening Late

29 Apr

I hope to use this blog to document the growth of the garden all through the growing season.  I feel like we are getting a late start.  The weather has been terrible and only the pansies and lettuce would be able to survive out there this week.  I can’t put the lettuce in until the new fence is up because the bunnies will eat it and it hasn’t been nice enough anyway to even go out and work on the fence.  One day last week we were able to get the raised beds going.

There are so many things I want to buy at Running’s!  It is nice working there (discount yay!) but it is the ultimate temptation every time I walk into the greenhouse.  Everything looks so amazingly lush right now I just want to say forget the paint job on the house and use the savings for some Azalias, Dogwood and about three flats of violas.  Lucky for me I started enough peppers, tomatoes and onions to resist buying any of those.

The Set-Up

It will be nice to get all this out and onto the patio at least if not into the ground.  Just when it was about to start looking like we would be getting a string of 70 degree days this happened:

2 Inches and almost the end of May

But the frost blanket I had over the lettuce actually did it’s job and then some because the lettuce was fine over night.  I brought it back in of course the following day and it sprung back resiliently.  Even though it was crappy outside, I was rewarded by my first bloom grown from seed, a Morning Glory.

Such a Nice Blue Color!


Hello world!

29 Apr

I was convinced by the husband, who was ever so quick to point out the faults of trendy and addictive social networking sites to just start a blog. I suppose it makes sense to have something up that everyone can see- no membership required!

Mostly I will be talking about gardening and my son, 19-month old Andrew Diego, but I might add some recipes and book reviews for fun. I will probably stay away from being political even though I am fairly passionate about politics just so that I don’t have to read the nasty comments people would want to post in response to my political rant. Keepin’ it positive- yeah!

We live in Minnesota and try to live a self-sustaining life as much as we can in Minnesota. I used to work in the professional world and decided it wasn’t for me. Now I stay home and work part-time doing something relaxing. We are poor but live very rich lives!

I love Bathtime Mommy!